About Fight voter Fraud

“Fight Voter Fraud Inc was founded by Linda Szynkowicz. As a private citizen Linda as observed many instances of potential voter fraud and before the 2018 election reached out to the authorities, States Attorney, the SEEC (State Election Enforcement Committee) and even Federal offices. All agencies claimed a lack of resources to investigate fraud and nothing was done.

It was decided that someone need to do something about the broken voter system in our country and because of her personal experiences, Linda’s choice was clear. She created an organization that will speak up for all the disenfranchised voters. After many months of putting together the process of how to combat the issues, the nonpartisan nonprofit 501 (c) 4, Fight Voter Fraud Inc. was established, a research and investigative body that would compile public information and be able to prove violations of the 1993 “Motor Voter Law” (NVRA). This Federal law mandates that states constantly scrub and maintain their voter rolls, a mandate that is clearly being ignored in many states such as Connecticut. 

The requirements for DMV to be able to register voters in essence said the list need to be accurate – All deceased people need to be removed from the list, voters that moved out of town and/or state needed to be off the voter registration lists, plus make sure that only US Citizens were registered to vote.

We have assembled a ‘silent army’ of volunteer and professional investigators who following leads and the data to verify fraud where it rears it’s ugly head. We will not rest until we ensure ‘One vote for each legal voter’.